Violet Quartz

Violet Quartz

Here's Violet Quartz! Violet loves meeting new friends and playing with her sister Amethyst!


Violet is a sweet girl who is always running around with her sister, Amethyst. She loves shopping and having sleep-overs with her friends.

Likes: Kindness and Animals

Dislikes: Inhumanity and sickness (Preventing her from doing things she likes to do)


Violet has bright purple hair in a small, low pony tail on the side of her head, held in a white bow. She wears a dress that is dark purple on the top with bright purple poof sleeves and a small white dot on each shoulder and a white star in the upper section of her dress and brighter purple on the skirt with a white belt. She has black button eyes unlike her sister, because there are such things as black amethysts. Her shoes are dark purple and end in a ninety-degree angle in the back and have a streak of bright purple in the front. She has two conjoined bracelets, with darker purple on the bottom.


She lives with her sister.


Violet's pet is a kitten with a purple bow, like her sister's, but is a black kitten. The kitten is the sister to her sister's pet, meaning it is a persian.


Vq a p kit w bow

How about the kitty's name is... Quartz!

  • She has a new hairstyle to Littles
  • She has new shoes to Littles
  • She is the first little to have the same pet mold as their sister/brother.
  • Her birthday is February 10th, National Purple Day.

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