Velour Haute Couture

Sewn on

August 21st

Made from

A Designer's Scarf


Velour Haute Couture is Lalaloopsy Land's renown fashion designer. She is an expert when it comes to fabric and imagination, she's expressive and can piece together any outfit for her and her friends. No resident of Lalaloopsy Land would be caught at a special event without sporting one of Velour's designs.

About Velour


Velour is a fair skinned girl with cyan hair, blush pink cheeks, and black eyes. Her hair has a small curl over her forehead and is worn up in a layered spiral to the left of her head. Her hair is wrapped around by a loose sheer patterned scarf. She wears large designer sunglasses over her eyes and a pair of long metallic chandelier earrings.

Around her neck Velour wears a layered designer scarf. Beneath that she wears a loose flowing sheer printed long sleeve shirt. She wears high rise cobalt blue leggings and two tone black and white mismatched ballet flats.




  • August 21st is World Fashion Day.

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