This is my fan - made Valentine's speical.


Trinket:JEWEL WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jewel:What is it?

Trinket:It's Valentines day.

Jewel:Oh yeah. I'm Spoosed to get my red dress on.

(now a scene at a desert)

Allegra:I wish for cheese.

Mona:Oh No!


Bouncer:Allegra stop it with the cheese.

Allegra:But I wanna know what cheese looks like.

Bouncer:Doesn't cheese look like this?

Allegra:The fairy the fairy she lied to me there was no cheese there was nacho cheese in a bowl.(lie)

Sahara:She calls that cheese?

Mona:No we never went to a fairy.

Allegra:A giant cheese!

Sahara:Ok I'll give you a giant cheese.


(now back to the scene with Jewel & Trinket)

Jewel:Wait a sec.............who are you?

Valentina:Valentina Hugs 'n' Kisses.

Jewel:You're wearing my red dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(lie)

Valentina:Jewel I would not wear you red dress.

MGA:on the way cape met a unusal stupid person

Streamers:Howdy Cape.

Wait a sec your know spoosed to drive!

Cape:I dont know you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Streamers got in a car axdent)

Gizmo:Finally she won't bother me.

(Suddenly Cape & Gizmo get into a fight)

the end

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