THIS BLOG IS CLOSEd It is PAST APRIL 12th[[File:Scrapsandherfriends.png|thumb

btw this is Lalaloopsy Elementary

The Popular Girls

The popular girls are made up of mostly smart kids. All of them get on the honor roll. They are all good at something. Misty, the head of the group is in drama club and so is Mittens. Cinder is in Odyssey of the Mind. Suzette and Toasty are really good soccer players. Alice is the president of the class, and Allegra is a BMX racer. They never let anyone in unless theyre super smart and do something cool, like if theyre in a club or have amazing atheltic abilities. They are all athletic. They mostly buy their clothes from Justice. They all bring their lunches and sit at table 17. Whenever other girls try to sit at table 17 or even table 18 they ignore them. They are mean and snobbish and shallow, and rarely, if not never let anybody else join. They hate dumb kids and swat them off like flies. But its Misty, Cinder, and Allegra that do most of the bullying. The other girls are actually really nice. They help other people solve hard math worksheets, or comfort them, or anything else that a NICE girl might do. But they have to be careful not to be seen by Misty, Cinder, and Allegra, because if they do, they kick them out of the group. Sometimes they hang around the uncool kids so they can gather personal information to report back the clique and humiliate the kid, because Misty tells them to. Misty, Cinder, and Allegra are mostly fakers. They pretend to be nice and then act mean to some person. I want to join this group so that I'll be cool, but their flaw is that they're mean.

The Friendly Girls

The friendly girls are made up of mostly dumb kids. Only four of them get on the honor roll: Candle, Sunny, Bijou, and Mango. Oh, I forgot to mention that Mango and Prairie are the only ones that bother to take a club. Swirly claims to be in chorus, but she doesnt show up to meetings. They don't have many talents, but Mango is in Recorder Ensemble, Drama, Chorus, and Lalas on the Run. Prairie is in Lalas on the Run too. Candle, Sunny, and Bijou are well-behaved, and Sahara, Pix E, and Swirly are very artistic. They are very open-minded and let anyone in. Candle, Sunny, Bijou, and Prairie like to get active and play soccer, but the others perfer to hang around the goal. They buy their clothes from various stores. Some bring their lunches, but most of them buy their lunches and sit at either table 18 or table 19. They are very kind and generous and open-minded. They are always bullied by the popular girls. Some kids hang around the popular kids, hoping for acceptance. May usually sits next to them but never gets noticed. Once, Prairie was so popularity-hungry that she abandoned the friendly girls for the popular girls. They let her in, by surprise. The friendly girls were mad at Prairie. Not too soon, Prairie discovered this was a ploy set by the popular girls to humiliate her. Sometimes, the other populars act honestly nice around them, but other times, they fake nice so they can humiliate the girl with personal information. A lot of them are dumb and airheaded and girly, like Mona, Swirly, Sahara, and Pix E. I want to join this group because theyre nice, but their flaw is that theyre dumb.

What do you guys think? Post your votes in the comments below. Also, something super duper important

VOTING ENDS APRIL 12TH, THE LAST DAY OF SPRING VACATION FOR MY SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1- Popular


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