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    SEASON 3 AND 4

    January 26, 2016 by ZeDreamyPianist

    Episode About Air Date Written by
    1. It's a Crazy Life Fed up with seriousness, Peanut visits Sahara Mirage, who can grant her 3 wishes. Peanut wishes that life would be crazy, and trouble ensues. 1/24/16 Everyone!
    2. A Present for Mango Peanut, Patch, Ace, and the rest of their friends try to bring a present to Mango Tiki Wiki when she gets a cold, but at the same time, they're trying to keep away from Rosy. ??? ZDP
    3. My Fair Lady

    Sir wants to win the affections of the new girl, Lady Stillwaiting, so he tries to act strong and buff around her, but to no avail. When he does actually become her friend, he discovers the most shocking secret ever!

    ??? ZDP
    4. The Ol' Switcheroo After Sunny and Berry complain about how hard their jobs are, they deci…

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  • ZeDreamyPianist
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  • ZeDreamyPianist

    The real life version of Spot's New Masterpiece

    Georgia's New Masterpiece is the ninth episode of Season 2 of the Lalaloopsy™ TV Series. It is the thirty-fifth episode overall.

    Georgia sculpts a new Lala out of white clay, which magically comes to life. She gives her the name Sunshine, but Sunshine soon tries to be like the other girls she meets so they will like her. Jack tries to tap a tree that seems untappable.

    The episode starts off at Georgia's house, where she is making a figure out of white clay for her upcoming art show. She then decides to smooth out the skin when someone taps her on the shoulder. It is not Zebra. The figure behind her is moving. The figure taps her again. She wonder if it could be the figure that is tapping her. She …

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  • ZeDreamyPianist

    okay every user i mentioned since we are the only active users on this wiki we need to make this wiki MORE interesting so more people will come

    any ideas

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