Bold text[ link title--~~~~Insert non-formatted text here ---- ] Sir: >:(  GET OUTTA THE WAY PATCH, AND GET RID OF THOSE UGLY CLOTHES!

Patch: Fine :P

Suzette:omg this is not right now how can we make them a couple

Peanut:um I dunnoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo *falls off the ferris wheel*


Peanut:I'm okay everyone


Suzette:I got a plan lets tae over theiraccounts

Jewel:I'll go do Lady's

Suzette:and Il do the other one *types come to my fort on Sir's account*

Jewel:*typessnap out of it and be a knight again we need youy*

Lady:oo I'm invited


Lady:but you inviteds me here

Sir:and you sent me that mnessage

Sir:wait if you didn't send me that message then who did

Lady:wait a second *notices Suzett's bow and Jewl's crown* seew they hacked our accounts

Jewel:oh no now their gonna get us


Tippy:I dug a hole underground to get to Britan we can hide there for a little while

Suzette:okay *goes under the hole*

Jewel:*does the same thing*

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