Slendy is bald and he wears a white sock mask over his head so in short he does have button eyes and a smile just wears the thing over them, outfit stays the same

Jeff's smile will be normal like any other lalaloopsys and he will use red paint on his face to make the smile look higher, he uses white face paint in this as well, outfit stays the same

Ben will have typical black button eyes only the x part will b red, he will still wear the link outfit though]

The twins will both have masks Tim will have a yellow jacket and a white mask and his real hair color will be brown, meanwhile the other one will have a black mask and an orange jacket with a hood his hair color will be whatever it is in the series. They both have a cacasin skin tone though

Ej will have the blue mask sure there's eyes under the mask but the mask is attached to the head, the outfit stays the same

Dr smiley won't change much

Jane will have a white mask with black lipstick on it because she HATES facepaint, outfit stays the same

Lj will look the same and have a long clown nose thing in this one he is a fan of haunted clowns so he pretends to be one

Zalgo wears a black horned mask, a black evil jumpsuit with red curves on it, a red cape, red gloves and boots, but he has a completely different purpose here he doesn't hypnotize people and the obvious part of him is left out he's a comic book fan and acts as his fave character

I think you should get it now and oh one more things the spinoff here doesn't harm anyone just act like it to scare the other lalas

I know you guys probably won't like it and if you don't I will delete it and I'm sorry if you don't

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