• SnowflakesInWinter

    Hello, everyone! I've got really great news! And really bad news........ lets start with the good news!

    Good News: I got my Cinder Slippers doll!

    Bad News: Spammers have been spamming the wiki! So create a lot of blog posts and fight the spammers.

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  • SnowflakesInWinter

    Make these!

    • Kylee Fender Bender (Ace Fender Bender)
    • Ashley in Lalaloopsyland (Alice in Lalaloopsyland)
    • Lea Sunsplash (April Sunsplash)
    • Chloe Sticks N. Straws (Baley Sticks N. Straws)
    • Cherry Jars 'N Jam  (Berry Jars 'N Jam)
    • Silvermist Dewdrop (Bluebell Dewdrop)
    • Puffy Smack 'N' Pop (Bubbles Smack 'N' Pop)
    • Caramel Caramel Sticky Icing (Bun Bun Sticky Icing) 
    • Cupcake Dunk 'N' Crumble (Cake Dunk 'N' Crumble)
    • Pumpkin Broomsticks (Candy Broomsticks)
    • Cross Crisp Crust (Cherry Crisp Crust)
    • Toffee Whirl Swirl (Choco Whirl Swirl)
    • Shiny Slippers (Cinder Slippers)
    • Angel E. Sky (Cloud E. Sky)
    • Funny Carnivale (Confetti Carnivale)
    • Aqua Sea Shells (Coral Sea Shells)
    • Furry Hoppalong (Cotton Hoppalong)
    • Twirls N' Locks (Curls N' Locks)
    • Meringue Light 'N' Fluffy (Dollop Light 'N…
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