• RubyBiggleFan

    I'm writing a new fanfic. A crossover between Lalaloopsy and Lego Island. I have a few ideas in my head but I need some more. Anyone who has any ideas please let me know in the comments here or on my talk page especially for the following.

    • Pepper's first letter to Crumbs.
    • Jewel wanting to throw a party to celebrate Lalaloopsy Land's first railway.
    • Suzette La Sweet introducing herself as the head director of the Lalalego Railway.
    • The friends hanging out at Pickle's Diner.
    • Crumbs, Sprinkle, Peanut, Jewel, Bea, Ace and Spot's welcome to Lego Island.
    • Bea at the Information Center
    • Papa teaching Crumbs how to make a pizza.
    • Pepper tecaching Crumbs how to ride a skateboard.
    • Rosie's ambulance mission
    • Spot building variouse things with Bill Ding. Including th…
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