Lily Garden is a gardener who's family owns the Lala Lilac Garden. She has lavender hair and she has the same hairstyle as Yuki Kimino but with three green lilies on her hair.


She is the most garden loving girl in Lalaloopsy Land and her knowledge for rare plants make her popular for all the other gardeners around. She is always the lily of your eye but sometimes gets a little too stressed for playtime. Whenever Lily is too sad for anything, her garden friends are always there to help. Lily Garden has a pet lily.

Lily Garden's Trivia

Lily Garden has green button eyes like Mango. It is shown on her doll poster that her house is part of a twisty tree. Lily has a lalaloopsy little sister, Lilac Garden. She and Lilac are seen loving to play Hide 'n' Seek together. Lily Garden wears a lavender mini-dress with daisies on the dress belt. She has tiki sandals. It is seen in the episode 'Lilac's Anger' it is seen that she calls her little lily, Sky because of the sky blue color the petals are.

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