Lilac Garden is a lalaloopsy little and is Lily Garden's younger sister. She has a similar hairstyle to Sprinkles but the bangs are swept to a side and the hair is hot pink, pretty much the same color as Jewel's crown.


Lilac may be mischevious, and in the episode Lilac's Anger she has the Anger Flu and was cured by the lava cream. Her flu was caused by the evil doom witch, but she later got defeated by the lalaloopsy's! Lilac is never angry at her friends or sister. She and her sister Lily Garden play Hide'n'Seek together. She is a hard hider. Lilac Garden has a pet Lily in a Pot.

Lilac Garden's Trivia

Lilac wears a lavender sundress with green and white lily ruffles. Her sundress has a stitched daisy on it. She also dons green and lavender flip flops with sunny white lace. Lilac is seen to be living with her family. She is a picky eater and likes spahgetti and meatballs. Let her cook dessert. She's really good at it!

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