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  • I live in New Mexico
  • I was born on April 3
  • My occupation is Almost an 8th grader, homeschooled myself in 7th, but I live with my biological parents
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    Chill E. Sky

    March 8, 2014 by Mistyemberandbea

    Sewn From A Hot Air BalloonSewn On October 4-12 Albuqurque Balloon Fesival 2014Pet:Cloud==Appearance== Chill E. is a fair skinned girl with blue eyes and pink cheeks. She has white hair with pink streaks in the style of Specs Reads-A-Lot. It has two red bows. One on the top, and the other on the left handed side. Her dress is gray with blue buttons, dark gray short sleeves, and has a turquoise belt. She has Blue and Turquoise Shoes in the style of Trinket Sparkles. Chill E. Does not have wings or a halo like a real angel.==Personality== Chill E. is the leader of her school's bird watching group. She loves cloud watching and flying, but she doesn't have wings! She plays with her sister Cloud E. Sky and her other sister Heaven Le Sky. She al…

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