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  • I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • I was born on July 18
  • My occupation is Spending time on wiki pages
  • I am Female
  • JessicaFin23

    Wow, what a day. I've heard that recently, a group of vandals barged into this wiki and left behind a huge mess. It seems that one of the vandals created a sockpuppet when he first got blocked, because I noticed the similarities between his original account's vandalisms and his sockpuppet's vandalisms. 

    When I realized that the Lalaloopsy Fanon wiki had been trashed by a few vandals, I decided that something had to be done. 

    Since the vandals were already blocked and some of their edits had already been undone, I reverted the remaining edits the vandals made and marked the pages and files they uploaded they made for deletion. 

    Since I'm not an admin on this wiki, I can't delete the pages or files the vandals left behind. 

    We don't want any mor…

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