Again, right now, I'm making it perfectly clear that I didn't make this to signal out anyone. This was made to try to help those who aren't on the list maybe reach out to help those who are. As well as give a warning to those on this list that they need to make some improvements. I'm going to be nice about this so please do not throw a tantrum if your character is on this list. I promise that they'll only be if their is valid argument towards what I think, for example: 

  • Yes: "I just think the character could be a little bit more creative. She's just a recolor of Jewel Sparkles." or "The page is poorly written and lacks proper layout".
  • No: "I hate the name because it's been used too many times." or "I hate her pink theme coloring, so change it."

So please keep this in mind, I'm not making this to hurt anybody but I'm more then willing to help you improve the articles. But if you act stubbornly about it or refuse to change the problem areas then I have a right to delete it and I have no problems doing that. While this is a wiki for fanon content, it does not excuse you to be lazy or lack quality in making pages.

Once the problem has been fixed (or the page deleted) then I will remove them from the list.

Improvement List

  • Handsome Slippers - Could use a bit more detail, maybe a better picture.
  • Plumer Tastes - Really needs some more information and grammar fixing.
  • Sew Sweet Girl - Needs more information/details
  • Topaz Crystal - Barely has any information
  • Amethyst Quartz - Page could use better organization and more information
  • Stella - Lacks a WHOLE bunch of detailinge
  • Diamond Gemstone - Could use some more descriptive-ness in specific spots
  • Maddie Rocks N Minerals - same as above
  • Melody C and B - could use a little bit more info
  • PinkCookieBookie - lacks everything
  • Peppermint Candy Sticks - Lacks detailing and a information, needs to be fixed to look right.
  • Myste Ree Ous - Needs better layout and more details
  • Sol Tess - needs more detail
  • Minnie Raspberry - Needs details
  • Lolly Lick N Pop - Needs details, better structure, picture
  • Cool Diamonds - info, picture, details, structure, everything basically...
  • Pink Loves 'n' Hearts - lacks A LOT of info, better structure
  • Balloons Smack N Pop - lacks structure and length
  • Julie A Drugs - Needs length

In closing...

Alright so that's it. As I said previously, I would love to help out so if you are unsure of what needs fixed or maybe if you would like advice, feel free to ask. I won't give you ideas since the characters are your own of course, but I will clean up the pages IF asked.

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