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]]Jewel:pfffft yawn AAAAAAAA I GOT SUNBURN ]

Sand E:thats what brats like you deserve for being a  spoiled wannabe all the time


Peanut:*squiets Bea with watergun*


Bea:*knocks snad in Peanut's eyes*

Peanut:my eyes

Bea:oh no I'm sew sorry

Peanut:why would ya be sorry yur not sorry bout anything I HATE THE BEACH *leaves*

Jessica:um that was strange

Peggy:*splashes Jessica*

Jessica:hey watch it this is a new pice of summer fashhion I'm wearing


Meanwhile at where Suzette is:

Suzette:*sighs* I would love it I jsut don't wanna lose my life

Patch:Suzette! Suzette? uh Mango have ay seen Suzette

Mango:she's over there

Patch:okay thx *walks over*

Suzette:ocean of darkness


Suzette:GAAAAAA wait wut r you doin here>:(

Patch:I jsut wanna knwo why ya weren't on the beach

Suzette:um I just wasnt there

Patch:wait a minute whats wrong

Suzette:um nothing

Jessica:yeah right something is up with ya

Sahara:what is it

Suzette:um um .........................

Mystic:I sense a  fear of something 

Suzette:me scared? fear? um nope everything is fine

Patch:come on I knwo that look what areya terrified of what is wrong

Jessica:we will make sure no one makes fun of you

Suzette:um okay I have a fear of the ocean I'm scared I'm gonna get eatin by a shark or drown or even get caught in a wave at high tide 

Marina:sew that is yur fear 

next up part 4

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