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Twist E:*snore* hey who turned on the light oh yeah *yawns as she gets out of the bed* oh good morning butter


Twist E:easy for you to sleep but not me yur very lucky >:( *sighs* ah wlel I am bored I will jsut go to Cherrys house that will be somethin to do


Twist E:oh no mister lazy wings yur comin as well *shakes da butterfly*

Butter: >:( *then he flies along with Twist E*

Twist E:Cherry yu there OPEN UP ALREADY

Cherry:alright alright sheesh *opens da door* oh hi what are ya doin here

Twist E:I jsut wanted ti have breakfast and ya know hang around

Cherry:okay and yu two dont ya even dare start a fight like last time *stares at her blackbird and Twist Es butterfly*

Butter:*glares at the blackbird then punches it*


Both petds:*start fighting and messing up da whole entire house*


Twist E:BUTTER YU ARE GROUNDED ugh I am sew very sorry my pet cant get along with yurs we will be leaving now  pink dum pie >:P *leaves*

Cherry:well I never >:(

To Be Contineud

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