Bold text--~~~~Insert non-formatted text here ---- ---- Sew I am aware there is a theory but the theory that I wanna know the most is about the Lala Oopsies.I heard someone say on one of their pages they were mutants sew there is my first sign of conspircy.Also the Oopsies are the silly counterparts of the Lalaloopsys does that mean that the Oopsies are overgrown clones.Ah whatever here is the fic.



Patch:shut up

Forest:you shut up you losers are runng my concentration

Sprinkles:I wanna go higher!

Crumbs:I'm busy

Jewel:*sighs* I'll do it you continue *swings Sprinkles at the empy part of Lalaloopsy Land

Suzete:hey this part is a free zone remember we always hanged out here

Dot:oh no

April:it's a nuclear fallout LETS GET OUTTA HERE


Crumbs and the others:*runs knocking Sprinkles down*

Suzette:oh no we have to leave this place now with all the stuff we brung *grabs Sprinkles then runs*


Forest:I'm nevere going there again

Toffee:*blushing* yea it too risky

Okay now there seems to be a new land and who is the counteprart of who?

Saffron:I dun remmember living

Anise:cuz yu weren't alive dum dum! *hits Saffron*

Juniper:um what is this place

Nutmeg:hey we are wearing crowns

Anise:we must be rulers of our own kingdoms like I am the princess of knick knacks and oooo what a lovely septra *picks it up*

Saffron:aww I want one !

Anise:SHUT UP *punches Saffron*

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