Some lucky lalas have gotten famous and they went to Buttonwood

Here are some episodes of what they do there

Singettes:Jessica,Harmony,Suzette,Jewel make a band but thigns turn chaotic when Jessica and Suzette get stage fright and Rhtym breaks all the instermments

All About Meep:Bundles goes to star as Nunya in All About Meep

Lalaloopsy15:Some lalasstar in Lalaloopsy15's series

Shinin like a star:Dot finds a star and wants to keep it sew it cna get her more famous

Button Girls:(parody of Equesia Girls) Bea gets crowned the queen of buttonwood and Ember steals da crown and makes them into a mirrior universe without da button eyes

The jewelry theif:someone is robbing the jewelry store and the other lalas are to the blame but they didnt do it

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