Bold textThere was a quiet busy village of people who worked hard all the time.Life was very hard in that village and there was a girl who was very mean and spoiled her nickname was Sunny she needed Dot to do an experiment on buttons once but Dot failed and got the buttons in her eyes.After that Sunny quick;ly gained power and took over the whole village she made everyone poor and made them very miserable and homeless she expected to get everything she wanted her sister Bella was her slave and the people knew this dictator needed to be brought down sew Dot tried experminting with buttons and other scintific stuff but her plan backfired and resuleted in The Nuclear Button War.Everyone was getting mutated by buttons and the first one who got hit was Pillow she was a girl in a comma and she awoke form it into a nigth themed doll she saud people we are in thye middle of a nuclear button war but we all have the same strength as Sunny sew we can take her down.The people were in and they charged at Sunny's castle they took all the money back and stored it and Bea siad she was overpowred by the lalaloopsys.Sunny was scared sew Bella dressed up as Sunny sew Sunny could escape and Dot mutated Bella.Now SUnny was poor and had to farm and she reiliazed her wrongs as she sat at her sisters gravestone she found out her sister wasnt there her sisyter escaped and became Berry and in this war many secrets of Lalaloopsy Land will be unlocked.

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