Uni Verse


Lalaloopsy Little

Sewn on:

September 1 (Random Acts of Kindness Day)

Sewn from:

A superhero's cape



Uni Verse is her big sister, Dyna Might's, little sidekick!


Uni is very a kind little girl. She's always redy to help out; anywhere, anytime. Uni's favorite super powers are super speed and flight, but she also has super good vision and hearing.


Uni has tan-fair skin and basic black button eyes. Her hair is bright ivy-green in low pigtails. She has a bright orange shirt with shiny orange stars on it, while her skirt is shiny pink. Unlike her sister, Uni doesn't have a belt. Her shoes are like Scribbles Splash's, but they are white with pink laces and orange on the bottom (also heels and toes). Uni also has a removable cape. It is white on the outside, and shiny pink on the inside.


Uni has a little hedgehog with a tiny pink cape that is not removable.


  • Lalaloopsy Littles Uni Verse


  • Uni's name comes from the word 'universe' and is in the video game "Dance Dance Revolution", but that version is spelled 'Yuni'.
  • Her name does not relate to Dyna's (it does not have 'Might' at the end).

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