Twirly Treats

Sewn on

March 15

Sewn from




Twirly Treats is the best candy maker in Lalaloopsy Land and a sweet tooth, hence the name. She loves all kinds of candy, especially the twirly ones! Her name is based of twirly kinds of sweet treats, her favourite.

About Twirly

Twirly Treats is a fair skinned girl with hot pink cheeks and light green button eyes. Her hair is pink colored with purple streaks in pigtails and curly bangs. She wears a purple dress with pink boots with a white streak and black socks.


Twirly Treat's pet is a white, black, and brown dog.


Twirly Treat's home is entirely made of lollipop. She has a lollipop roof, lollipop windows, and a lollipop door. Her walls inside of the house are made of lollipop, too.


  • March 15th is Candy Day.

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