Twirly Hip-Hop is a full size Lalaloopsy sewn from a hip-hop dancer's outfit. She was sewn on April 29 (National Dance Day), and her pet is a mouse.


Twirly Hip-Hop is an energenic dancer who just can't stop moving around! Sometimes, her twists and turns lead to some bruises, but she just gets back up and dances some more!


Twirly is a dark-skinned Lalaloopsy with freckles. She has pale pink cheeks, and black button eyes. Her neon green hair is in a side ponytail, with a black bow. Her shirt is black, and she has a neon green polka-dot skirt with black leggings. Her shoes are black with pink socks.


Twirly's pet mouse is neon green, with black button eyes. It appears to be a recolor of Crumbs Sugar Cookie's mouse.


Twirly's home is a dance studio, covered with mirrors and lights. It even has a stage!


  • Twirly Hip-Hop full size doll
  • Twirly Hip-Hop mini doll


  • Her hair and her mouse glow in the dark.

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