This is the 2nd episode of The new Adventures of Mint E. Stripes

Mint E. knows Tuffet's secret. She sees things diffrently. Not blurry though. So they go to Star's Magic Glasses store to get new glasses.

~-_________-~ = Scene

;_______________: = What an animal wants to say



Tuffet: This ball hurts! :(

Cinder: That is because YOU ARE HOLDING THE CACTUS!

Tuffet: No I'm not, you are! I got the ball!

Blossom: Give me the "Ball".

Tuffet throws the "ball" to Blossom.

Tuffet: Is it hot in the living room? SPIDER GO MAKE YOUR WEBS!

Spider: ;But I am in my house, not yours:

Mint E.:Is something wrong with you?

Tuffet: NO!

Blossom: Let's go (She and Cinder leave)

Spider continues making webs. Mint E. grabs Tuffet's hand and runs with her to Star's Magic Glasses. Harmony walks by.

Tuffet in Wonderland

Tuffet: EMBER! You're a water god!

Harmony: UGGGGGH! I hate when people misplace me. Remember what happened when Ember called me a banana?

Mint E.: Let's go.

~-Star's Magic Glasses-~

Star: Do you see things blurry?

Tuffet: No. Can I have you autograph?

Star: NO! (Punches Tuffet so she dies)

~-Cinder's House!-~

Mint E.: Guess what! Tuffet is dead!

Cinder: Sure. Blossom can't play but guess what! Feather can!

Feather and Mint E.: Yay!

The end

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