Princess is the cousin of Curls N Locks. *why cousin? cause she's from a different fairy tale*

She is the first Lalaloopsy little to use a
Tresses N locks

'real' hair instead of plastic

Drawn by missflyingtoaster (Melissa Smith) using Adobe Illustrator

Princess O' Hair


Lalaloopsy Littles

Sewn on:

April 29th

Sewn from:

Rapunzel's Cutted hair


Stone ladybug


Princess loves to brush her hair, braid her hair, and try on lots of different hair accessories.  She also likes to visit her cousin Curls N Locks


Princess has long blond hair, black eyes, pink cheeks.  She wears a yellow dress with white lace collar and white lace low belt.  She has blue puff sleeves and underskirt.  Her shoes are blue with yellow bows. Her name is Changed due to Unpopularity.


a red and black stone ladybug


Princess lives in a Tallest tower


she is curls cousin

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