This is a fan-made Boulder Media L.T.D. webisode. When Spot, Scribbles, and Trace E. are playing in Chalkland, Part of the Princess Club accidentaly cause some chaos....


  • Spot Splatter Splash
  • Scribbles Splash
  • Trace E. Doodles
  • Jewel Sparkles
  • Trinket Sparkles
  • Suzette La Sweet
  • Mimi La Sweet
  • Coral Sea Shells (portrayed)
  • Peanut Big Top
  • Squirt Lil' Top (non-speaking)
  • Squiggles 'N' Shapes (Heard, Not seen)
  • Berry Jars 'N' Jam (Heard, Not seen)
  • Sunny Sideup (Heard, Not seen)


Trace E. - Okay, Fr-Friend, What is 8 times 8?
Spot - Wheeeeee!!!!
Scribbles - I love those pretty flowers!
The vase of flowers fall down
Jewel - Come on! There's no time to waste! We've gotta drain this Chalkmade house off!
Peanut uses a canon to shoot a giant pink water balloon over Spot's house
Spot - Aw, what cute hats, this is so much fun!
Trace E. - I know, right?
door gets knocked by Jewel
Jewel - Hey, you guys.
Scribbles - Hi, Jewel.
Trinket - And Trinket Sparkles!
Suzette and Mimi - Bonseir. 
Scribbles - Come play with us in Chalkland...
Suzette and Mimi - Hi, OLD! Hi, YOUNG! 
Spot(Voice) - You're gonna have to come to my tea party, you two!
Peanut - Attention, Chalkland Friends, Step Right Up! 
Trinket - Oh No, you Don't! 
Then part of the Princess Club decides to ruin Trace E's house.
Jewel - Scapel?
Peanut - Scapel?
Jewel - Vanilla Coin?
Peanut - Vanilla Coin?
Jewel - Mushroom Pizza?
Peanut - Mushroom Pizza?
Spot, Scribbles, and Trace E. - AUGH!!!!
Jewel - That's not a mushroom pizza!
Peanut- Sorry...(Water erases Trace E.'s house and the door)
Spot, Scribbles, and Trace E. - PRINCESS CLUB!!!!
Princess Club - WHAT?! 
Trace E. - Draw me a new house RIGHT NOW!!!!
Spot - We heard her.
Scribbles - Now. 
The Princess Club begs for Spot, Scribbles, and Trace E.
Trace E. - Draw me a new house right now or else I'm gonna call Squiggles in my iPod
Suzette and Mimi start wailing for Spot, Scribbles, and Trace E. 
Squiggles(Voice) - (Camera rolls out of Spot's house) I'm gonna check with Spot and
Scribbles to see if they're okay. Bye.
Berry(Voice) - But have some pancakes first.
Sunny(Voice) - (Scene flips to black) Yeah, they have delicious pumpkin syrup inside.
Squiggles(Voice) - Maybe later.

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