This is a fan-made TV Series episode.


  • Trace E. Doodles
  • Spot Splatter Splash
  • Squiggles 'N' Shapes
  • Scribbles Splash
  • Jewel Sparkles



(title card)

Spot: (reading the title card) 'Trace E. Doodles' Birthday'

(spot, scribbles, squiggles, and trace e. are in chalk land)

Spot: Trace E., I wish you didn't have to greet someone on your birthday.

Trace E.: So do I but I'll be home as soon as I can, see you later.

All: See you later.

Squiggles: While Trace E. is uh.....doing something, We can make chocolate cake. I know how.

Squiggles: We start with butter, sugar and flour, then we add an egg. And most important of all the chocolate bits.

[Spot and Scribbles Sigh]

Squiggles: Then I give it a stir.

Spot: Squiggles, can I stir.

Squiggles: Yes Spot.

Scribbles: This is gonna be the best day ever!

[Spot and Scribbles laughing]

Squiggles: OK thats enough stirring

Spot: There, Trace E.'s chocolate cake.

Squiggles: Hooray.

Squiggles: Now we just have to bake it in the oven.

Spot: Squiggles, can I lick the spoon

Squiggles: Yes, you can lick the spoon and Scribbles can lick the bowl.

Spot: Yippee.

[Spot and Scribbles laughing]

Spot: Poor Trace E., she's missing all the fun.

Squiggles: Well then Spot, call Trace E. on the phone now.

[spot draws a telephone]

Spot: [Dialling]

[Telephone Ringing]

Jewel: Hello, Jewel Sparkles speaking.

Spot: May I speak to, Trace E. please.

Jewel: Someone for you Trace E., it sounds important.

Trace E.: Heavy breathing

Spot: Trace E.? whats wrong

Trace E.: heavy breathing

Spot: Happy birthday?

Trace E.: [Heavy breathing] spot. this is seirious. you know that door to chalk land and back to lalaloopsy land erased and you asked for help and someone drawed it again?

Spot: yeah? [quivering]

Trace E.: well, it was washed off and erased again.....

Spot: [SLAMS phone down but doesn't hang up] [screams as loud] OH NO, DOOR ERASED! GET SOME CHALK, GO OUTSIDE, DRAW NEW ONE! [screams like a lalaloopsy stuck in a tree]

Trace E.: TRICKED YA!!!

All: YOU!!!!!!

Trace E.: Hehehe, thank you. I will be home soon.

Squiggles: Spot, you messed up everything talking on the phone.

[timer stops on oven]

Squiggles: Cake's done! [pulls it out] Now let's decorate for the party. Be nice next time, Spot.

Spot: I will, sorry.


Spot: Alright! We are prepared now!

Squiggles: Very good. Now we need to turn off the lights so we can surprise her!

(squiggles turns off lights)

(trace e. comes)

(trace e. comes in)

Trace E.: I'm home!

Everyone (except for trace e.): Surprise!

Trace E.: Oh, What a lovely surprise!

Spot: Here's my present!

Trace E.: Oh, I wonder what's inside?

(trace e. opens)

Trace E.: A lovely vase! Why thank you Spot.

(squiggles runs up to trace e.)

Trace E.: Thank you, Squiggles!

(trace e. opens)

Trace E.: A sunflower for the vase! Thank you, Squiggles.

(squiggles smiles)

Trace E.: Why don't we all go in the kitchen?

(everyone goes into the kitchen)

Trace E.: We can't have a birthday, without cake!

(everyone sits down)

(trace e. blows candles)

(everyone grabs a slice a cake)

(everyone bites out of the cake)

Trace E.: This is the best birthday i have ever had.

Spot: Because your the best friend ever.

(everyone laughs) (the words the end. came up)

Trace E.: The End!

(closes on end. and ends)


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