Crumbs bakes cookies for YoNang's welcome party, but Mouse poisons them.


Bridgette is holding a doll

Bridgette: I'm really happy today! I just got a new doll! Her name is Yuva Young, but she likes to be called YoNang! YoNang is able to come to life, just like my other dolls! She's not a Lalaloopsy, but she's from a different franchise called LaTale! I'd better introduce her to my dolls.

Bridgette: Hey, everyone, meet YoNang!

YoNang: What? Where am I?

Crumbs: You're in Lalaloopsy Land!

Bridgette: All right, I'll give you some time to introduce yourself to the Lalaloopsies. See you later!

Jewel: Well, hello there! Welcome to Lalaloopsy Land! What is your name, new doll?

YoNang: Well, uh, my name's YoNang. I'm from the world of LaTale.

Jewel: Oh! What's LaTale?

YoNang: Well, it's a world full of monsters and supernatural beings and stuff like that.

Spot: Wow! That sounds really cool!

Crumbs: I really want to make YoNang feel welcome...I KNOW!, we'll make my famous sugar cookies!


Mouse thinking: Hmph! I never get treats! Wait a minute. I have an idea. >:) I will poision them, so no one can eat cookies but me, MWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

Then, Mouse poisoned the cookies until Crumbs got back

Crumbs: Jewel, I need you to taste these cookies so I know YoNang will like them.

Jewel: Ok, *eats a cookie* Oh....I don't feel so well...BATHROOM! *runs the Crumbs' bathroom and horrible noises that cannot be explained are heard*

Crumbs: Oh my... I didn't know my cookies tasted horrible.. :(

Rosy: I'm sure they don't taste horrible, Crumbs.. *analyzes cookie* Somebody poisoned them!


Crumbs: MOUSE! What did you do to my cookies? 

Mouse: I...I poisoned them!

Crumbs: Wait, you poisoned them?

Mouse: Yeah, because you never gave me any.

Crumbs: Well, you can't do that to people just because they didn't give you a treat.

Mouse: Are you going to punish me?

Crumbs: No. I just wanted too tell you this. Just because someone doesn't give you something you want doesn't mean you do something bad to them.

Mouse: Oh. You're right...I'm sorry for poisoning your cookies.

Crumbs: It's okay, Mouse! I accept your apology! From now on, if you ask politely, I will give you a treat!

Mouse: Okay! What about the cookies?

Crumbs: We still have time to bake more cookies for YoNang's welcome party!

At the party

YoNang: *eats a cookie*

Crumbs: At least she didn't barf!

YoNang: Urgh..Aaagh! (Faints)

Crumbs: ?!

Rosy: She just has an allergy to any kind of cookies, Crumbs. It's still not poisoned.

Crumbs: Phew...wait, AN ALLERGY TO COOKIES?!

Bridgette: What's going on here?

Rosy: YoNang got a little sick from eating a cookie at her welcome party.

Crumbs: She has some weird allergy to cookies.

Bridgette: Really? YoNang has an allergy to cookies? Weird. 

Crumbs: *sighs* Next time, I'd better bake a cake instead.  


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