Tools Fender Bender


Lalaloopsy Little

Sewn on:

November 15

Sewn from:

A mechanics clothes



Tools is Ace Fender Bender's little sister!


Tools is nicknamed 'Little Miss Fix-it' by her brother and her friends, Red and Specs. It's true! If something is broken, there's a 99% chance that Tools can fix it. She has her own toolbox, which is helpful to her in many ways. Tools is very serious, but always has fun building (or fixing) stuff.


Tools is wearing a red shirt with hammers, wrenches, screws, bolts, and other building materials on it. Her pants are denim jeans with a patch on her right knee. The patch has the same material as her shirt. The left pocket has an oil blob on it. She also has one by her eye. She wears red sneakers. Tools' hair is orange, she has freckles, and a navy bue baseball cap.


Tools' pet is a rhino.


Tools lives with her big brother, Ace


  • Lalaloopsy Littles Tools Fender Bender
  • Lalaloopsy 'Siblings' with Tools Fender Bender and Ace Fender Bender


  • Tools was rumored to be a boy.


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