Tink R. Canfly


Lalaloopsy Little

Sewn on:

May 9 (J. M. Barrie's Birthday)

Sewn from:

Peter Pan's Hat



Tink R. is Pete R. Canfly's little sister!


Tink R. is a little tomboyish and immature. She likes to build things with her blocks, and she never wants to grow up. She also wishes she could fly.


Tink R. has fair skin and black button eyes. Her hair is bright red - orange in Squirt Lil' Top style ponytails.She wears a green dress with red and yellow - green stripes. The dress has jagged edges at the bottom and sleeves. Her shoes are Trinket Sparkles style. They are red but instead of a bow they have a yellow - green puffball.


Her pet is a light pink yarn flamingo with no legs.



  • Mini Lalaloopsy Littles Tink R. Canfly


  • Her name is a play on 'Tinker Bell', a fairy who appears in J. M. Barrie's novel Peter Pan.
  • J. M. Barrie wrote the Peter Pan novels.

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