About the show

On May 15 2015, the show released. On October 4, the 1st season ends with a new movie based on Spongebob Squarepants.

Season 1

Episode 1:Vampires!!

Episode 2:Tuffet in Wonderland

Episode 3:Read it and Weep

Bea reads a famous book that turned into a movie. After that, Addie jumps out of the book.

Episode 4:Mint E., meet Teddy

Mint E. meets her based-on character, Teddy.

Episode 5:The tale of Boo Scardey Cat

Mint E. tells a tale about a black Persian Cat named Boo.

Episode 6:Hot Stuff

While eating a sauce, Pepper turns into a spider

Episode 7:Savages

Bakers VS Food People are going to the battle! Turning into war

Episode 8:Sirhc, E. Tik, Yppit, Yxor and Nivla

Chris, Kit E., Tippy, Roxy and Alvin were going to the lake when sundenlly Roxy gets trapped by an Anitloopsy named Yxor.

Episode 9:Princess Club

Episode 10:Revenge of the Gasoloosters

Gasoloosters are on the loose! Right now they are trying to eat Toasty so Prarie and Trouble have to save her.


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