It's time for a story. The legend of Ivory Ice Crystals by Suzette La Sweet (AskSuzette101)

This is another story by Misty, Ember, and Bea (Mistyemberandbea)

It all started at Bea's house one day when she had a sleepover party with Peanut, Teddy, Mango, April, Ace, Patch, Scraps, Pillow, Blanket, and Suzette. (pssssst! Misty and Ember live with Bea.)



Blanket:You're emberassing yourself by watching a 84 disliked video of you and your unicycle and bagpipes.

Bea:Hold on! *Goes to*

April:Really, An Online Fan GPS?

Bea:I was reading a legend book and I never heard of Ivory. I was going to see Ivory Fans. *Types Ivory Ice Crystals*

Robot Voice:You have reached "5" Fans in Lalaloopsy Land

Website shows Peter Griffin, Princess Celestia, Alvin Chips N' Dale, Star Magic Spells, and Suzette La Sweet (DON'T ASK!)

Ember:There is so much weirdness in the world.

Mango:Let's go and see the real GPS! *Clicks About, and then the original GPS Website*

Misty:Now we need to find Ivory *Types Ivory Ice Crystals*

Robot Voice:Ivory Ice Crystals is found in the frozen kingdom of Queen Elsa, that was Swirly's lair (STILL, DON'T ASK!)

Ace:How are we gonna find her?

Robot Voice:Print one of the 3 maps. Classic Map. Oldies Map. New Map.

Patch:I was yer' gonna say Classic.

Ember:Waht? It's a laptop.

Bea:But it is a laptop with a printer on the back, BABEY!

*Prints map*

Suzette:Okay so first we have to climb!

Scraps:What is Willy Nilly Mountain anyway?

So, Bea, Ember, Misty, Peanut, Mango, Ace, Pillow, Blanket, Patch, Scraps, Teddy, April, and Suzette went on the hot air balloon singing this: (DON'T ASK!) Then, something mysterious was happened at Elsa's castle.

Swirly:You better give my Lab back! If you don't

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