The Wild Safari


Kat: Hey, guys, can I please borrow your pets?

Ace: Borrow our pets?

Spot: Why?

Peanut: I don't want my poor little elephant taken away!

Kat: Well, I'm making a pretend jungle and I will take you on a safari once it's finished, so I'll need some of your pets. My friends are going to help me.

Ace: Okay, then. But please remember to bring them back when you're done.

Kat: Thanks! 

A while later, Kat and her friends start making their pretend jungle. 

Whiskers: This is gonna be the best safari ever!  

Kitty: All we need now is a throne.

Kat: A throne?

Kitty: Of course! Lionesses are queens of the jungle, so I definitely need a throne.

Kat: Kitty, just because you think lions are royal wild cats doesn't mean you need a throne.

Kitty: Fine.

Kat: Remember, I don't want you to try to think of some phony scheme to ruin this safari.

Kitty: Oh, I'll think of something all right...

Later, the safari begins

Kat: Welcome to Tanzania, home to the Serengeti Plains.

Peanut: Uh, we're still in Lalaloopsy Land.

Kat: *whispering to Peanut* It's pretend, okay? Just go along with it.

Peanut: All right, fine.

Kat: Anyway, I hope you are ready to search for some wild animals. Let the safari begin!

The dolls begin the safari

Kat: Look, Whiskers! A zebra!

Whiskers: Look at that giraffe! Isn't it cute? Where did all the animals go?

Kitty: Hmph, I wanted to be a lion, but Kat said that they already have a lion. Well, they're not going to let one wild cat steal the show.

Ace: Look, there's my monkey!

Peanut: Hi, Elephant!

To be continued

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