The trip to rosy is the 3rd ever TLLW episode. Previous episode Bomb Strike! next episode Rambling on.

  • Kiwi: Let's check my arm out.
  • Matey: Okay

---Go to see Rosy at the hospital---

  • Rosy: Hello what have you been up to.
  • Kiwi: I hurt my arm
  • Rosy: How?
  • Kiwi: Errrr.. I fell of the-the-the binnnnnn no the t-t-t-t-trampoline...
  • Rosy: Umm... Are you sure?
  • Pita: She's trembling because she's shocked and she doesn't sound sure because she fainted afterwards.
  • Rosy: Okay Pita that's really helpful.
  • Rosy: We need to check that out. Can you move it?
  • Kiwi: Ahh no it hurts WAAA!
  • Rosy: Okay it's definitely broken, we'll cast it up and give you a sling.
  • Diamondy: Hahaha you got a sling I've got a diamond amulet :P
  • Kiwi: Ill break your leg in a minute!!!!!
  • Rosy: You can go home now.
  • Kiwi: Thank You
  • Bundles: C'mon guys lets go.
  • Sprinkle: Hey where's lightning?
  • Sprinkles:We've lost her!
  • Lightning: Up here!
  • Matey: Shes stuck, on the ceiling?
  • Diamondy: Faker
  • Lightning: It's true?

---Lightning starts fading away---

  • Other littles: NOOO!!
  • Pita: Shes disappeared
  • Twisty: She could of disappeared back home?
  • Sprinkle: Let's Check.

Find out in the best episode coming later today!

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