The New Girl is the 9th episode of The New Adventures Of Teddy the Pooh

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Jewel, Ivory, Suzette, Lady, Tippy, Confetti, Cinder and Fran were having a tea party when all of a sudden, there was a big crash. They see a strange Lalaloopsy with an updo curl and a longer dress than what all the others wore. She said her name was Goldie Luxe and she had a pet peacock. The girls were jealous of Goldie. So they got their makeup, their finest gowns, and anything to make them fancy. They see a purple carriage. Goldie comes out and says they look good. The girls attack Goldie and rip her gown. She says they didn't have to attack her, so the girls apologize to her and she joins their group.


Jewel Sparkles

Ivory Ice Crystals

Suzette La Sweet

Lady StillWaiting

Tippy Tumbelina

Confetti Carnival

Cinder Slippers

Fran Mill

Goldi Luxe


Jewel: Who the heck are you?

Goldi: I'm Goldie Luxe.

Ivory: That's a dumb name

Fran: You need something a little more fancier.


  • Goldie Luxe is the mysterious collector's Lalaloopsy

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