It airs on Comedy Central and Nick and will air on August 31, 2015.

Season 1

1. The Holiday Special/Why Should I? (SERIES PREMIERE) 2. Mr. Bill Goes to the Party/One Cold Midnight 3. Mr. Bill Goes to a Magic Show/Night Noise 4. Mr. Bill Pays Taxes/Mango Meets the Color Me Dolls 5. Mr. Bill Goes to the Circus/Lala-Oopsies Land Last Sight 6. Mr. Bill Goes to New York/Just Fanning 7. Mr. Bill Moves In/Little Trouble 8. Mr. Bill Goes Fishing/Cookie Contest 9. Mr. Bill is Late/The Epic Adventure 10. Mr. Bill Goes to Court/Coral's Mermaid Secret 11. Mr. Bill Shapes Up/A Bad Case of the Sillies 12. Mr. Bill is Hiding/Wishy Fishy 13. Mr. Bill Runs Away/More Clay Fun! 14. Mr. Bill Goes to the Movies/Spot and Trace E's Day Out 15. Mr. Bill Goes to SNL/A Weather to Make Her Cold!

Season 2

1. The All-New Mr. Bill Show/The Knight and the Lady 2. Mr. Bill Stays Home/Little Fashion Beauty Show 3. Mr. Bill Builds a House/The Winter Games 4. Mr. Bill Gets Help/Hot Stuff 5. Mr. Bill Strikes Back/Peanut, Private Button 6. Mr. Bill Goes to Jail/Gloomy's Tail Tale 7. Mr. Bill's Christmas Special/Sham Teddy 8. Mr. Bill Goes to LA/Cheesy 9. Mr. Bill Uncovered/Hoodlings

Season 3

1. Mr. Bill's Family Album/The New Girl 2. Mr. Bill Acts/Teddy Scouts 3. Mr. Bill Learns Karate/Littles Rising 4. The Billiad and the Odyssey/Story Time 5. Mr. Bill Gets a Dish/A Token of Friendship 6. Mr. Bill Rocks Out/Charlotte Learns to Talk 7. Mr. Bill's Traffic Report/The Legend of Ivory Ice Crystals 8. Mr. Bill Watches the Oscars/Disguise or not Disguise 9. Mr. Bill Plays Ball/Dyna Might: The Movie 10. Mr. Bill Gets Abducted/The Olympic Dream 11. Mr. Bill Goes Bowling/Mooooooooooove it 12. Tiny Bill Bitty/World Water Day 13. Mr. Bill Runs Some Errands/The Wild Safari 14. Mr. Bill Does the Weather/Sorry, Wrong Slasher 15. America Least's Wanted/The Pinkest, Biggest Bubble 16. The Invention Convention/Pink isn't Your Color 17. Mr. Bill Gets Cloned/Can't Jungle Roar 18. Mr. Bill Goes Shopping/Bored 19. Mr. Bill's Spring Cleaning/Good Night 20. Mr. Bill Moves to Malibu/Planet of the Buttons 21. Mr. Bill Does Leno/Out of Honey 22. Mr. Bill Goes to the Zoo/Pool Party 23. Mr. Bill's Great Outdoors/A Vacation to Remember 24. Mr. Bill's Vacation Movies/A Sleepover Party 25. Mr. Bill Goes to Space/Confetti Comes to Town 26. 2013 A Bill Odyssey/Mis-Map Happens (SERIES FINALE)

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