The Human Loopsies go to a school called Buttons University a new girl named Perry and her little sister Banette are ready to go and study...

Banette: Sis, I'm sew excited! We're actually going back to school!

Perry: I know! I can't believe we're enrolled in a University School!

Banette: Isn't that guy your classmate last year on Lalaloopsy Elmentary School?

Perry: Oh! Alex! The mean bully.. Tends to bully the other kids.. Don't tell me he's enrolled here!


Perry: What?!

Alex: I see your a little bit aggresive today!

Perry: So what?

Alex: Save your assertiveness for later sugarplum!

Perry: GRRRRR!

Banette: It's alright don't turn into a dragon!

Andrea: Hey Perry!

Perry: Andrea! Nice to see you buddy!

Andrea: Wanna join our ballet club ?

Perry: Sure? Who is the captain?

Tiara: I , Tiara.. Is the captain of this club!

Jolina: And I , Jolina is her assistant! You are not the propa material fo this club!

Tiara: And your hair , It needs to be at least a little shiny.

Perry: Okay.. then I won't join..

Andrea: Wait! 

Felix: Hey Andy!

Andrea: Not now!

Philipp: Your just gonna avoid him..?

Andrea: Probably..

Felix: Aww! Come on! Andy.. Just a little moment...

Andrea: Save your breath , Wendel is already my bf...

Philipp: Eeeek! *whispers* : I know you are lying!

Andrea: Shut Up! Beatrice: Everyone who wanna join Book Lover's Club , sign up!

Philipp: Oh Puh lease! I want action sports ,-

Andrea: Violence , I know , I know.. 

Wendel: Who wanna join skate board club!

Philipp and Felix: SIGN US UP!!!!!

Alex: Oh.. Look at those two fools..

Porti: Very childish.. Us populatzee's shouldn't bother them.

Alex: Let's not waste time watching fools to goof around..

Darryl: Anybody wanna join , Young Writers Club?

Penny: Ohh! *tumbling* I think that's what I need!

Selena: Wait , sister , wait!


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