Jade Goldmary, Silver Goldmary, Amethyst Goldmary


Lalaloopsy Littles

Sewn on

March 13th

Sewn from

According to their names


Jade Jaguar (Jade), Silver Swan (Silver), Amethyst Alligator (Amethyst)

The Goldmary Triplets are the sisters of Gold Goldmary. They all love their names and themselves. Jade is adventurous, Silver is glamorous and Amethyst is creative. The three may have different personalities, but they are still best friends.


Jade Goldmary

Jade is adventurous and smart. She is a quick-thinking Little. Sometimes, she can be hot-tempered.

Silver Goldmary

Silver is very glamorous. She is a gymnast. Silver does not like her dress getting a simple dirt.

Amethyst Goldmary

Amethyst is the most creative of them all. She is shy around new people, but she is very loud. She is an expert ballet dancer.


coming soon...


The Triplets' pets are keepers of something special.

Jade Goldmary

Jade's pet is a Jade Jaguar. Jade Jaguar is the keeper of the Golden Key for the "Golden Book for The Goldmary Family".

Silver Goldmary

Silver's per is a Silver Swan. Silver Swan is the keeper of the Golden Ribbon, which belongs to Gold's great (10x) grandmother, Mary Goldmary. This precious ribbon is the rarest thing in Lalaloopsy Land.

Amethyst Goldmary

Amethyst owns an Amethyst Alligator. Amethyst Alligator is the keeper of the Golden Ring of Mary Goldmary. The Golden Ring is the ring that Mary's grandmother, Sunshine.


The triplets live near the mine. Their house is made out of Gold, Silver and Bronze.


  • The Jade Jaguar is based on the Sofia the First character, the Jade Jaguar.
  • The Silver Swan is named after a brand in Philippines.

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