The Featherbeds: Go Bodrum! Magical Adventure in Turkey! is a feature-long Lalaloopsy movie about Pillow and Blanket Featherbed bemarking on a holiday to Bodrum, Turkey.



Pillow, at home, tells Blanket that they have to go on a plane, and Blanket wonders why she is going on one and what an plane is. Pillow explains that an airplane is part of transport and it flys into the sky, and she explains that they are going on hoilday and they need to pack. Pillow and Blanket pack, and the next day, they are ready to drop into the sew-magical backpack. They wake up at the gate, and Pillow explains the place is the gate, and then after a few minutes, they get on the plane. Blanket discovers it is calm for a few minutes, but then she feels the plane moving. As it gets faster, she gets scared and snuggles into Pillow. Then the plane takes off and it gets slow in the air. Blanket has got sore ears! Pillow explains this is ear popping and she gives her gum to make her feel better. 2 hours into the flight, she discovers it is dark and peaceful. Pillow and Blanket now get some sleep.

The next morning, they wake up in a bed. They were not at the airport. They were at the hotel. Blanket is a little anxious because she thought the hotel was the airport. Pillow says that they are going to the beach. Blanket doesn't know what a beach is, so then Pillow explains. Blanket is excited and takes off her pajamas, but Pillow reminds her not to act like a fool as she is aboard. She then puts on some clothes, and Pillow is happy again. When they arrive at the beach, Blanket is about to run into the sea with her clothes on, but Pillow grabs her in time and tells her to take off her clothes first. She is about to full her pants down, but Pillow tells her to keep them up. Blanket then runs into the sea and has good fun. 


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