This is one of those fan games by 303melosi


Peanut figures out this dark portal (no this is not dark Queenie) which leads to a siltoe.


Peanut Big Top

Mystery! Disapeering the bullets so you can't see em

Crumbs Sugar Cookie

Magic! Rays coming out of nowhere

Jewel Sparkles

Horror! Long bullets coming out of her gems

more charaters fir this soon

Bonus Charaters

Elfina Northpole

True horror! Right behind ya

Fright Scardy Cat

Mysterious Formatter! Her cat attacks for her

Sugar Fruit Drops

Qustion! Where is she

Trace E. Doddles

Hmmmm! Giant crayon she has

Cherry Crispt Crust and Mari Golden Petals

Parthners of the mysteries! The true double battlers

New charater

Tomodachi Siltoe

Asstaint! Only urban lengend in lalaoopsy land

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