The Brickster is going to de-brick sir! - The Brickster in Lego Island
Brickster 23768

The Brickster is by far the most dangerous person on Lego Island. He's the villain in Lalaloopsy Lego, A sew bricktastic adventure.



The Brickster is an evil lego desprate to get out of jail which he's been for a long time. He was built by the Infomaniac several zillion years ago the two were best friends until the Infomaniac decided to build some more friends for them but instad of being happy about it he instead became jealous and betrayed him. He stole some bricks from Lego Island and built his own island which he called "Ogel" which is Lego backwards. The Brickster was imprisoned in the Lego Island Jail for a long time but was eventually freed accidentally by Pepper Roni and started taking apart the island but Pepper along with the help of Officers Nick and Laura Brick eventually put him back where he belongs. -


In A Sew Brickstastic Adventure, when the lalaloopsies meet the Brickster he's once again desperate to get out of jail but while he is in jail he still picks on everyone just like he always did "even teasing Peanut about her name" as he has nothing better to do in jail. This time he's wasn't willing to tear up Lego Island alone but Lalaloopsy Land as well.


The Brickster is a lego with a yellow head(wich all legoes have) He wears a black baseball cap backwards, a white and black stripped shirt with the numbers 23768 on it. He also wears black trousers and has two gloves that are different colors "his right one being white and his left one being blue". He also wears a black mask and has a grey beard.


  • The Brickster is a a character from the 1997 PC game Lego Island.
No Pizza
  • The sign by his cell says "No Pizza" but when the player plays as
    No Pizaz

Pepper Roni it says "No Pizaz" for the fact that Pepper can't read.

  • As well as picking on various people who pass his jail he also begs them to let him out.