This is a fan version of Sew Much Fun! book from the REAL Lalaloopsy Phonics Books Collection. This is fanmade.


Trace E. Doodles is going to have the best day ever. Trace E. meets up with Jewel who is making tiaras and Trace E. said she want to make one and Jewel said yes. Later, the result of Trace E.'s tiara is not perfectly perfect and Jewel thinks she can practice more and Trace E. says she will do it better sometime. Next, Trace E. meets Mittens who is building a snowman. Trace E. accidentally breaks the snowman head after Trace E. rolls it off. Trace E. says Sorry to Mittens. Lastly, Trace E. meets her friend, Squiggles, Squiggles said that they want to make cookies and Trace E. says yes. Later, she messed up their cookies. Trace E. becomes very sad and said she will not have the best day ever after all. Trace E. went back to her house, Spot saw her sad and tries to make her happy. Spot said to Trace E. "Don't worry. Just try your best.". Trace E. becomes happy and does the right things for Jewel by making a tiara perfectly perfect, Mittens who helped build a snowman again, and Squiggles who baked cookies that are not messed up. Trace E. haves the best day ever.

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