A Lalaloopsy Crossover parody of The Berenstain Bears.

Forest Evergreen as Brother

The Characters of The Berenstain Lalas

Teddy Honey Pots as Sister

Lucky Lil Bug as Lizzy

Ace Fender Bender as Freddy

Alice in Lalaloopsyland as Millie

Blossom Flowerpot as Queenie

Sir Battlescarred as Papa Bear

Lady Stillwaiting as Mama Bear

Wacky Hatter as Too Tall

Patch Treasurechest as Smirk

Pete R. Canfly as Skuzz

Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff as Stacy

Sunny as Babs

Bea as Bertha


The Berenstain Lalas always have a great day at Lala Country.

Teddy (Sister): It's a beautiful day!

Forest (Brother): Sure is!

Lucky (Lizzy): Hi, Sister (Teddy) how's it going?

Teddy (Sister): Good Lizzy (Lucky)!

Lucky: Oh that's great!


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