[outside Jewel's house]
Profile - Cartoon Trace E

Jewel: [reading title card] The Attack of Trace E. Doodles.

[zooms inside Jewel's house]

Narrator: Jewel and Trinket are watching The Suzette Show.

TV: [cuts to a picture of a ballerina outfit] And now, an important message from Tippy.

Jewel and Trinket: Tippy!

Tippy: Actually, I'm not tippy, I'm. [turns into Trace E. Doodles]

Trace E. Doodles: My name is Trace E. Doodles, would you like to come over for a visit?

Jewel and Trinket: Aaaaaaaaah!

Trace E. Doodles: [comes out of the TV]

[Jewel and Trinket run away from Trace E. Doodles]

Jewel: Trinket! Hide under the blanket! [hides under the blanket with Trinket]

Trace E. Doodles: [voice only] Jewel.

Jewel and Trinket: [looks at Trace E. Doodles]

Trace E. Doodles: Would you like to come over for a visit to Chalk Land?

Jewel and Trinket: Eeek! [runs away from Trace E., and runs outside and runs all the way to Pickles' Diner]

[Trace E. Doodles runs inside Pickles' Diner and beats up Pickles, Ember and Goldie, and runs outside Pickles' Diner and turns it into Chalk Diner, epic Skyrim music plays in the background, Trace E. then throws Sprinkle Spice Cookie into the endless pit of death, it then cuts to Jewel and Trinket running into Spot's House, Trace E. runs into the house]

Trace E. Doodles: [drowns Spot]

Spot: [voice echoed] RAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! [water floods into the entire house]

Jewel and Trinket: Look Trinket! run from the flood! [runs away with Trinket and runs into Bea's House, they then slip into the wet floor inside the house, they then kill Bea by accident, Trace E. then kills all of the little students, Jewel and Trinket break into Chalk Land. Trinket ends up breaking all of trees, Trace E. then steals all of the things made with chalk, causing the Chalk Land to catch on water, causing the Chalk Land to turn into a spaceship, the epic music stops]

Jewel Sparkles: Let's run into the desert!

Trinket Sparkles: Okay.

Trace E. Doodles: [The epic music continues to play. Trace E. runs into the desert after Jewel and Trinket run into it, Trace E. kills Squiggles, the epic music stops, instead, the music from the Skyrim trailer where the "fus ro dah" part starts plays, Jewel battles Trace E. with her sword, Trinket battles Trace E. with a little sword, after Trace E. washed off her tongue, Trinket's little sword falls into lava]

Trinket Sparkles: [cries]

[Jewel still battles with Trace E., sword turns into a lightsaber, Jewel's lightsaber falls into lava, causing Trace E. to wash off and causing Lalaloopsy Land to explode]

Trinket Sparkles: Jewel?

Jewel Sparkles: Before I die, I'll have to say my last words......... [gets shot by Peggy Seven Seas]

[Cuts to Jewel sleeping, she wakes up]

Jewel Sparkles: Phew! It was just a dream.

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