The Amazing Adventures of the Lalaloopsies is a show aimed at children 7 and up. It is about all the silly misadventures of the Lalaloopsies have while just being who they are!

Season 1

1. Peanut,Private Button-After she finds Bea's reading glasses, Peanut decides to be a detective

2. Gloomy's Tail Tale-Gloomy Pink Bow loses her tail

3. Sham Teddy-The kids' personalities get mixed up

5. Cheesy-Haley eats the moon by accident

6. Cinder Slippers (episode)- Teddy tells the story of how Cinder came to be.

7. Lalaloopsy Fairy Tales- Classic stories with a Lalaloopsy spin!

8. Springtime with Matey- Blossom bans Easter, upsetting Matey.

9. The New Girl- Goldie Luxe moves in and the kids become jealous of her.

10. Teddy Scouts-Teddy starts a scout league

11. Mooooooooooooooove it- Berry's cow goes crazy

12. Lala Oopsies vs Lalaloopsy- The Lala-Oopsies come to Lalaloopsy Land for a visit, but when they realize that they have nothing in common with the Lalaloopsies, they declare war.

13. Hoodlings- Bundles, Whiskers, and Blanket start a club.

14. Bubble Trouble- Bubbles blows a big bubblegum bubble.

15. Story Time- Feather tells a folktale to Scraps, Suzette, and Teddy.

16. The Wild Safari- Kat uses some pets to make a safari, but Kitty B. Brave ruins everything.

17. A Token of Friendship- Toffee tries to figure out who sent her a mysterious note.

18. The Winter Games- During the Winter Games, Forest and his friends let competition get the best of them


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