The Adventures of Sunny and Berry is a another Lalaloopsy TV series.


1. Pancake Making Contest

2. Sunny's Tractor

3. The Pepper Pots 'N' Pans

4. Berry's Blueberry Party

5. Sunny Gets Spot-itis

6. Sunny and Berry Gets Lost

7. Sleepwalking Sunny

8. Scrambled Eggs

9. Berry Loves Pancakes

10. Sunny and Berry Saves the Day (episode finale)


1. Berry Loves Chocolate

2. Sunny and Berry in DreamLand

3. Sunny and Berry Learns to Do Tricks

4. Berry's Lost Cow

5. The Plan

6. Sunny's Lost Chick

7. Snoring Sunny

8. Sleepwalking Berry

9. Sparkling Berry

10. Berry Drives a Tractor (episode finale)


1. Sunny Won't Woke Up

2. Sunny and Berry's General Store

3. Sunny and Berry Goes Camping

4. Sunny's Lost Chicks

5. The End (episode finale)

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