Bea: Gosh, I can't believe how smart I am. I bet Specs is just as smart as me. 

Specs: *solves some math problems*

Bea: Oh my! You solved ten algebra problems in just twenty seconds!

Specs: Precisely!

Bea: Wait a minute. You got most of the answers wrong. 

Specs: Really? I think I forgot to check the answers. 

Bea: Oh, Specs. When will you ever learn to be smart like me?

Specs: You might be the smartest person in Lalaloopsy Land, but I don't think I can be as smart as you. 

Bea: *looks at the board* Hmm, how about you enter the science fair that I'm planning?

Specs: I accept, and if I win, that proves I am a genius! I may not be good at math, but I'm good at science! 

Bea: Okay, but if you lose, well, that just proves you're just a slacker who pretends to be smart. 

Specs: Deal! 

So, the science fair is planned out. Specs is competing against Dot Starlight.  Specs is talking with her team, the Littles of Knowledge. 

Specs: Guys, we have to beat Dot!

Scribbles: But how? 

Specs: Somehow, I'm sick of being called a fake genius! I need to show them that I'm a super smart Little. 

Astro: How about going to space?

Specs: Space? That's it! I'll go to space and prove alien life forms! 

Astro: There's only one problem, though. None of our sisters will expect it...I think we'll have to sneak out at night.

Specs: Okay, see you later! *walks home*

Littles: Bye! 

Later that night, at Dot's house, Dot is sleeping, but she hears some strange noises.

Dot: *hears something crash and jumps up* What was that? *she turns on lights seeing nothing then turns them off and gets back in bed*

  • Once she is asleep, a bunch of alien Lalaloopsies grab her tossing her into the space craft driving off*

Crewmates: WE GOT A HUMAN! 

Leader: Hey! Shut up, before she wakes up!

Dot: *turns position about to wake up*

Leader: Darn! She's waking up! *stands still waiting to run but she falls back asleep* Whew.


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