This is a new series and your OC can star in it if you want it to.

Episode 1:the littles are being harrased by Trinket,TLG and Bella so Annette and the others send them to jail

Episode 2:a new vistor shows up

Episode 3:a pagent is held and the others enter

Episode 4:Specs competes in a science fair against her sister

Episode 5:Trinklet and Red get in a fight

Episode 6:Annette start a club for the popular lalaloopsy littles and the unpopular ones can't come  so Specs  trys to make a plan to get in the club

Lalaloopsy Little Movie Moon Voyage:Astro and Specs go to the moon to prove their siblings that there are NO life forms on the moon and it ISN'T made of cheese

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