Teddy Scouts is the tenth episode of TNAOTTP


Teddy is bored one day and decides to take a stroll.

She sees some Girl Scouts selling some honey pots for free, so Teddy gets an idea.

The next day, Gloomy, Blossom, Peanut and Squeak come to Teddy's house. Teddy says that they will become Teddy Scouts. But Peanut says they don't know how to be Teddy Scouts, so Teddy explains this through a song.

The next day, the Teddy Scouts are going to the park, but then Jewel and her gang are back. Jewel demands that Peanut shall join Jewel's clique, so Peanut destroys her Teddy Scout outfit and gets into her Jewel Scout outfit and leaves. Teddy decides that they will have a war.

At nightime, Teddy invites her friends for a sleepover. They peek out the window to snoop on Jewel. Jewel, Sunny, Dot, and Peanut are having a sleepover as well. When Teddy goes to sleep, she dreams that Jewel is chasing her in Glitterland. Jewel says that Teddy is a big fat bear.

When Teddy wakes up, she and the others devise a plan to get revenge.

At the park, Jewel and her friends are hanging by the bars and Jewel says they can't come on the bars.

Teddy throws a honey pot at her Squeak get mud on Jewel's dress. Blossom does flower archery and Gloomy barfs all over Jewel. Jewel apologizes for being mean, but when the episode ends, it is revealed that Jewel pretended she was sorry.











This episode reveals that Blossom is real good at archery.

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