Swirly Figure Eight is Lalaloopsy Land's most advanced and talented ice skater! She's a winner who thinks practice makes perfect. This ice princess loves glitter and twirling, even though it makes her really dizzy. Swirly is the older sister of little Twirly Figure Eight, Loopin Figure Eight, and Blade Skate Eight. Her name is based off of her signature move on the ice, the figure eight - in which she swirls around gracefully!

About Swirly

Swirly Figure Eight is a dark skinned girl with plain black button eyes and light pink cheeks. She has a small snowflake marking below her left eye. Her hair is pale pink and worn at the top of her head as a bun/ponytail held with a bright pink bow. She has some pale pink locks near her fringe

Swirly is normally wearing skating uniforms, considering how much time she spends outside on the ice, but she always dresses warmly as well. Her common outfit consists of a pink-purple dress made with a very soft, plush material. It has fur at the neck and cuffs, along with a small white vest like piece at her shoulders. She also has on magenta puffed shorts, knee length pink socks, and white ice skates with pink laces.


She has a pet penguin with a black bowtie.



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