Crumbs, Pepper, Pickles, and Berry start a diner and overcome the biggest order; Bridgette finds cupcakes at the cafeteria.


Bridgette is in her room, setting up a play kitchen for her Lalaloopsies.

Bridgette: Here, dolls, have some breakfast! I have to go to school now. 

Then she scrambles to the school bus

Jewel: Have a nice day, Bridgette!

Crumbs: Berry, your pancakes are sooooooooooooooo good!

Pickles: What about MY Pickle Burgers?! I thought that was pretty good too!

Pepper: They ARE good! Best in Lalaloopsy Land, Pickles!

Pickles: Oh, thank goodness! 

(While Pickles and Pepper are talking, Crumbs and Berry start speaking to each other in Japanese)

Crumbs: Hey, Beri-chan! Watashi wa tometo taikutsu shite imasu. Nani o subeki ka? (Translation: Hey, Beri-chan! I'm bored. What should we do today?)

Berry: Panko-chan, wareware wa matsu hitsuyo ga arimasu (Translation: We should wait here until she's done)

(Pickles overhears the conversation)

Pickles: Girls, can you please speak in English? I can't understand you. 


Bridgette: The lunch ladies are selling Spaghetti and Meatballs, and homemade French CUPCAKES! YAY! :D I love cupcakes! *does kawaii dance because she loves cupcakes*

Hilary: Oh, please! >:/ I don't care for cupcakes that much. 

(Hilary then storms off)

Bridgette: Pfft, that's her problem, not mine.

(Elsewhere, at Lalaloopsy Land...)

Pickles: We should start a DINER!

Pepper: We  will call it.... *holds up lemon for sour and cupcake for sweet* SWEET N SOUR DINER!

Crumbs: Good Idea!

Berry: Look! Customers!

(Berry points to Jewel and the original 8)

Jewel: We would like the combo meal, please.

Peanut, Spot, Bea, Mittens,Pillow,Dot: Yes!

Pickles: (under breath) The. Combo. Meal.

Berry: What's the matter, Pikurusu-chan?

Pickles: Nothing, its just that the Combo meal is a lot of work..

Crumbs: We'll help you!

Pepper: Yeah!

(So, the girls started making pancakes, cheese soup, pickle burgers, and Strawberry-Sugar Cookies for the combo meal)

Dot: We're waiting!

Berry: Here's your combo meal, girls!

(Jewel starts to pick up her fork and slowly takes a bite of the pancakes...)

Jewel: I love it! Dig in, everyone!

(Then the girls start munching on the food)

Pickles: Our diner is sucessful! *high-fives Berry,Pepper and Crumbs* Thanks for all the help, girls! I couldn't do it better without you!

Bridgette: What's going on here? 

Pickles: Hey, Bridgette! Guess what? We started a diner!

Bridgette: Really? You did?

Jewel: Yeah, and the food is great!

Bridgette: Well, I'm glad!

Pickles: When your friends help you out, hard work can really pay off!


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